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Where Dolphins Walk - a new memoir by Doug Keehn

Where Dolphins Walk

“Ordinary can so often be extraordinary.”

“How dramatically we overestimate the expected, and how greatly we underestimate the significance and power of the unexpected.”

“Live your life in a way that makes you happy. It might not seem correct, normal, or even wise to many of your friends. But it’s your life and you need to follow the rhythm of your heart and not the beat of others.”


After decades of experience as a pilot—and counting—Doug Keehn wrote his memoir to deliver a group of special messages. These messages are not attached to any single culture, race, or socioeconomic status. Purposely devoid of political, academic or religious influence, readers are invited to arrive at their own conclusions. The messages are unrestrained by boundaries. Doug dares to imply that Americans can learn from underdeveloped regions. The experiential narrative rekindles a slower pace, the real definition of relaxation, true patience, the love of parents, family and friends, more laughter, more curiosity, more empathy, more connections with our surroundings, and more openness. The journey tackles a fairly specific topic–in this case, quality of life—in a similarly thought-provoking, bold and challenging way. Doug also touches on areas that might cause discomfort in a way that is harmless. Where Dolphins Walk connects readers with the global harmony that Keehn so clearly feels is not only possible, but is present for everyone who wishes to engage respectfully with other cultures.
Laine Cunningham
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Where Dolphins Walk

Where or where do they go?
What are their secrets do you know?
Into the deepest stratospheres of ocean seas
Unencumbered know what life is meant to be…

Their connection as one as they gather to say
Explain to all who venture this day
Into their world of wisdom, full of play

Times-A-Ticking so they say…
Come join with us in childlike play
Follow the melodies that direct our path
Embrace life’s adventures but never look back

Connect with love is the secret code
Hidden within the dolphin fold

Diane Diehl

About the Author

Douglas Andrew Keehn was an avid saltwater angler and deckhand during his teenage years.

His awe for the ocean’s powers and mysteries hasn’t waned in adulthood. He never imagined a scenario where gestures from one of its most recognized players would intersect and ultimately resonate with messages from strangers residing afar-an eccentric combination that forever changed his outlook and approaches to life.